Line Progress Bar, jQuery Circular Countdown And Counter Plugin

Line Progress Bar, jQuery Circular Countdown And Counter Plugin

Line Progress Bar, jQuery Circular Countdown And Counter Plugin is the web's most advanced progress bar plugin. It's easy to setup, amazingly flexible and ships with beautiful animation presets.


Beautifully animated | Pick from all sorts of progress animation options, spring, arrive or tween using 20+ easing methods.
10 Unique Presets | Pick one and be done, use as starting point or build your own and peek at the code.
Shapes and Directions | Includes Horizontal, Vertical and Circular progress bars.
Responsive and Mobile Friendly | Works on all sorts of devices.
Fast and Accurate | Optimized for fast performance, included timer corrects browser timeout errors and correctly handles document hidden mode.
Countdown to Date | Count down towards that sale or website launch!
Count Up Since Date | How many days ago was our major event?
Countdown Scheduler | Automatically countdown towards each Sunday at 10
Count values | How is our sale going?
Show plain text | Use as billboard to show text.
Auto Sync with Server | Make sure the shown time is synced with your server.

Platform Type Javascript
Javascript Library Name Line Progress Bar, jQuery Circular Countdown And Counter Plugin
Author pqina
Licence Paid
Demo Demo


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