Cute Loli Responsive Blogger Templates

Friday, January 29, 2016
Cute Loli Responsive Blogger Templates

Cute Loli Responsive Blogger Templates is a responsive blogger templates with features SEO 100%, mobile friendly, grid style, related post, breadcrumbs, fontawesomes, and more features.

Platform Type:Blogger
Template Name:Cute Loli Responsive
Licence:Free | Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Template Demo:Demo

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How to Change Menu
Find (CTRL + F)

<nav id='deszmenu'>

<nav id='deszmenu'>
      <li><a href='/'>Home</a></li>
      <li><a href='/'>Anime List</a></li>
      <li><a href='/'>Ongoing</a></li>
      <li><a href='/'>Staff</a></li>
      <li><a href='/'>Credit</a></li>
<form action='/search' id='search'>
<input class='search_input' name='q' onblur='if (this.value == &quot;&quot;) {this.value = &quot;Search here...&quot;;}' onfocus='if (this.value == &quot;Search here...&quot;) {this.value = &quot;&quot;}' type='text' value='Search here...'/>


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