Select2, Select Boxes jQuery Plugin

Thursday, March 09, 2017
Select2, Select Boxes jQuery Plugin

Select2, Select Boxes jQuery Plugin is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results. Select2 gives you a customizable select box with support for searching, tagging, remote data sets, infinite scrolling, and many other highly used options.


Enhancing native selects with search.
Enhancing native selects with a better multi-select interface.
Loading data from JavaScript: easily load items via AJAX and have them searchable.
Nesting optgroups: native selects only support one level of nesting. Select2 does not have this restriction.
Tagging: ability to add new items on the fly.
Working with large, remote datasets: ability to partially load a dataset based on the search term.
Paging of large datasets: easy support for loading more pages when the results are scrolled to the end.
Templating: support for custom rendering of results and selections.

Browser compatibility

IE 8+
Chrome 8+
Firefox 10+
Safari 3+
Opera 10.6+

Platform Type Javascript
Javascript Library Name Select2
Licence MIT Licence
More Info (Homepage) https://select2.github.io/
Demo https://select2.github.io/examples.html
More Info (Github) https://github.com/select2/select2
Download https://github.com/select2/select2/archive/master.zip
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