10 Reasons why you should start using a Proxy Server

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

We are very familiar with proxy servers. Many of us know a proxy server as a tool used to access blocked or restricted online content. It can help you much more than you think. In this article, I would like to talk about some of the main reasons why you should use proxy servers and how they can help you grow your business.

Before I go into describing the uses and benefits of a proxy, let me first tell you what are proxies and how do they work?

If you don't know about proxies, let me explain.

It is actually used to send a request to other server resources on behalf of the user. The proxy IP is completely hidden and you can use it to gain indirect access to other servers and resources.

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It acts as a gateway between you and the Internet. The request you sent online is accepted by the proxy and after the request is processed, the result is returned to you.

Now proxies can do more than just send requests to the Internet or access blocked content. These servers can also act as web filters and firewalls, which will make your system more secure and also prevent hacking.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should use a proxy server.

Improve your productivity

The best proxy can also help you improve your network performance with some compression tools. Companies use a proxy server to solve performance and speed issues.

In a workplace environment, computers routed by these servers are more likely to access different networks and resources than another computer without a proxy server. Using a fast proxy allows employees to access any online content faster.

They actually delete unnecessary data to speed up access. Now, by using a proxy server, your computers can be more efficient and there will be no problems with slow connections.

They are very good at balancing the requests they receive from users. Some organizations also use proxies to improve the overall efficiency and speed of the internet.

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A proxy server is a reliable intermediary between you and the Internet. They use cache data, and if the server visited the site earlier and next time, the loading would be faster.

These servers can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of users by making the Internet more efficient. Thus, we can say that internet proxy is a good option for accessing busy sites and fighting heavy traffic.

Controlling Internet Usage

Companies use proxy servers to prevent employees from accessing unsecured websites. Using them, you can control the use of the Internet by employees in the organization.

You are now under your control over the employee's Internet usage and you can also block certain sites and content that is inappropriate for employees.

These servers can also be used to record employee activities on the Internet. This way you can get an idea of ​​the online activity of your employees. In the future, this proxy function can also prevent illegal activities and violations in the organization, as employees know that their activities on the network are recorded and monitored by the organization.

You can configure a proxy server according to your needs and control the availability and use of computers on the network.

Server crash prevention

A proxy can also improve the user experience on the Internet. Many Internet users have complained about the downtime they encounter when searching the Internet. Because we know that, as a user of the internet, your data is stored on different servers in the cloud.

Most online networks can be accessed globally, and peering helps networks manage user traffic. To access content that is limited or has high user traffic, you can ask your ISP for help.

The easiest way to access the website you want is with a proxy server that generates a web address for users. It also ensures that there is no load on the site and proper traffic management.

All of this is managed by the server side, which ensures a satisfying user experience. These servers balance online requests and efficiently manage traffic to prevent system crashes.

Malicious sites filtered out

On the proxy server, the system administrator can also control the user's access to certain websites that appear to be malicious. For example, if an administrator believes that some websites are inappropriate and may contain malware, they can immediately block that website so that no one on their network can access it.

Thus, the administrator prevents any problems for users and ensures their safety. Many organizations use these servers only for content filtering. In schools, administrations block inappropriate content or social media that they believe may distract students from their studies.

A proxy server, being the gateway between you and the Internet, can filter all requests that you send to the Internet, and all the results you receive are also filtered.

Provides better security

One of the main benefits of a proxy server is that it makes your network more secure. As we know, hacking is becoming an increasingly serious problem that creates a lot of problems for online businesses. Hacking not only harms the business in terms of money, but it can also ruin your online image.

This provides sufficient security that can prevent your network from being compromised. These servers provide you with an additional layer of security to help you avoid illegal activities and violations.

Proxy servers make it easy for hackers to break into your system and gain access to the data stored in it. To protect your network or servers from experienced hackers, a proxy server is not enough.

However, your network is still much more secure compared to networks without proxies. The web proxy also acts as a content filter to restrict all blacklisted websites that appear inappropriate or dangerous to users.

Thus, the security provided by the server is the same as that of a firewall. When it comes to security, one of the best features of a proxy server is that it prevents hackers from entering your system or accessing sensitive information.

As far as waiting for a hack is a problem, there is nothing like a proxy server. It works like a shield between you and the hackers. Trust me, proxy servers make it very difficult for hackers to find your system and gain access to data.

What do you think helps hackers break into your system? Let me clarify. The network IP address of your proxy server allows hackers to find your device. Where do hackers get the user's IP address from?

It is enough to obtain the IP address from the site you visited or by tracking the user's online activity. These servers do not use the user's IP address, so there is no need to worry about hacking and data leaks.

We do not guarantee that a proxy server will keep you 100% secure, of course not. But a proxy server will surely double or even triple the current security of your system.

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