General Information About Proxy Servers, Main Varieties

Friday, November 05, 2021

Basic information

What is a proxy server? This is a remote computer that acts as a conductor between the Internet resource and users. He is doing an important job. If a person sends a request to the browser, the proxy server will process the information and start broadcasting the response.

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How does it work?

Each mobile device and computer has its own individual IP address. With it, you can identify information about the provider and the country of residence of the user. The proxy also has this address. A person can use it while maintaining their incognito. To do this, you need to set special settings in the browser.

What are the benefits of this compound?

You can use a proxy to hide your IP address on the network. The fact is that some sites block or restrict users from certain regions of the world. But this is far from the only reason. You may need a proxy server for:

  • saving traffic;
  • protection against network attacks;
  • maintaining anonymity on the network;
  • creating multi-accounts;
  • caching copies and getting quick access to information.

In order not to be disappointed in the functionality of the proxy, you should choose the option from the desired country. You can do this by following the link https://you-proxy.com/. The server in question is simply necessary for working in the corporate segment. It allows secure communication. Functionality for filtering and traffic accounting appears.

The main types of proxies

All options can be divided into 2 main categories: opaque and transparent. The first ones change information about the user, hide it. And the second proxies won't even correct the IP address.

You can also find caching servers. They differ from the rest in that they create an individual base of answers. If the request is repeated over and over again, then the proxy turns to its own bank, and not the original source. This way you can save time and not waste your traffic.

HTTPS proxy is considered universal. It allows you to work correctly with programs, download files. There will be no problems with the browser either. Socks servers are common today. They also process any information. At the same time, encryption in this case is carried out at a higher level. To work with such proxies, you will have to install a special browser program.

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